Grey Knights for Extra Life

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Grey Knights for Extra Life

Postby agentorange » Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:46 pm

My friend, Jason West, is participating with the extra life charity drive. The link for the event is: ... ntID=46550

Go to the link and donate. For every 5 dollars you give you will receive one entry into the contest. Jason will then randomly select one person to be the winner of a $443 dollar 2500pt Grey Knight army which includes:

Kaldor Draigo

20 PA Grey Knights ( 9 falchions, 5 halberds, 2 TH 1 sword, 1 staff, 1 incinerator, and 1 psycannon)

15 paladins

2 Dread Knights

if he hits 1250 he will also include an New in box Storm Raven and then he will keep adding to the army as the donations come in.

I have no idea what most of these things are since i don't play 40k (I typed this off of his FB post) but I know a few people in this group might want to donate to a good cause and potentially win what looks like a lot of cool stuff.

The drawing will take place tomorrow, Nov 2nd.
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