Charity Event - Malifaux Achievement Day Nov. 2nd

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Charity Event - Malifaux Achievement Day Nov. 2nd

Postby PeregrineFalcon » Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:57 pm

As some of you know I am participating in the Extra-Life 2013 25 hours of gaming. I'll be playing at my LFGS up in Manchester, NH on Nov. 2nd.

Since 24 hours of games is a long time, I decided to run a Malifaux Achievement Event to help support and promote donations. If you are interested in coming post in this thread, but there is no pre-reg. Come whenever you want and play how ever much or little you'd like! It's all casual and fun and obviously for a great cause. Or just come out and grab a beer/margarita with us during our 'breaks'. Also, other board games will probably played as well.

The 'rules' are going to be as follows:
* Registration is when you show up, any $ amount you feel comfortable donating (minimum $5) will be used for the 'prize' pool
* Play as many games of Malifaux as you'd like with as many people you'd like trying to complete goofy and odd achievements (If you remember Mali-fests achievements, they'll be like that) of them may even require you to paint a model, so bring some paint :)
* There will only be a 1st place prize, and the prize will be the lot of $ raised. The winner then gets to choose which Extra-Life campaign they'd like the money donated to. The idea here is that if you have your own pledge page you can try and win for your own campaign, and if you don't have a pledge campaign you can win and raise money for a friend who needs a little extra $ to reach his/her donation goal.

So please, seriously consider coming up to Manchester, and post here if you think you are coming. I'd say show up anytime after 8am, and Myriad Games is going to be staying open for 25 hours, so we'll be there until about 9am Sunday Nov. 3rd. The address for Myriad is:

Myriad Games: Manchester
1525 South Willow St.
Manchester, NH
(In the plaza with Chuck E Cheese, Staples, and Hobby Lobby)
(603) 623-4263

If you can't make it and just want to donate, my campaign is in need of a little extra cash :) and can be found at:

If you need to get a hold of me you can either post here or reach me via cell at 603 . 685 . 4161

Cheers and hope some (any) of you can make it!
-Adam H.
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