[Plainville MA] 40k 1750pt Singles Tournament - 1/7/2012

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[Plainville MA] 40k 1750pt Singles Tournament - 1/7/2012

Postby Chase » Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:53 pm


Battleground Games & Hobbies - Plainville MA

Format: Singles (1v1) 1750 points per person
Date: January 7th, 2011 a Saturday
Time: Please be here no later than 10:00am. Set up at 10:30. Dice roll no later than 11:00am.
Entrance Fee: $20.00 per person

25 Taunton Street
Plainville MA 02762

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The event will be capped at 40 players.

Please contact me at ChaseLaq@gmail.com or call the store to sign up if and only if you can commit to playing on January 7th.

Pre-registration is required. Our events fill up fast so if you know you're going to play don't hesitate to sign up.

**This event will be the first in a series of Battleground 40k Invitational Qualifier Tournaments. The full details of the Battleground 40k Invitational and how to qualify will be announced later. It will take place in December of 2012.**


Rule Books:
The Warhammer 40,000 Fifth Edition Rules will be used.

The following is a list of legal army choices:
Codex: Black Templars
Codex: Blood Angels
Codex: Chaos Daemons
Codex: Chaos Space Marines
Codex: Grey Knights
Codex: Dark Angels
Codex: Dark Eldar
Codex: Eldar
Codex: Imperial Guard
Codex: Necrons
Codex: Orks
Codex: Space Marines
Codex: Space Wolves
Codex: Tau Empire
Codex: Tyranids
Codex: Sister of Battle (White Dwarf)


1. Each player must bring an army consisting of 1750 points (but no fewer than 1700), in accordance with these rules...

2. All models must follow “What You See Is What You Getâ€
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